Join the Core Team

Vertical Church Albuquerque is a new, developing church plant in the Albuquerque area.  Right now we are developing the Core Team.  Our Core Team consists of men and women who are fully aligned with the mission, vision, and pillars of Vertical Church. The Core Team's passion is to build up a local community of believers who want to be on the frontlines of a new, gospel-centered, God-glorifying, church-planting-church in the Albuquerque area.

Commitments of a Core Team member:

Planting a church is a work of God. Only He can build the church. Each Core Team member must own the responsibility of fervently and faithfully calling out to the Lord of the harvest to build His Church. As we cry out to God, we see Him answer in powerful ways that give Him the glory and us the joy of watching Him work. This season will also have many corporate times of prayer seeking the Lord for His work among us.

Grow the Core Team
The front line team of growing the Core Team is every Core Team member. He or she needs to feel the weight of this responsibility. Using his sphere of influence and asking the Lord to direct him to those whose hearts God is preparing, each Core Team member is to be actively seeking and inviting others to bring to Vision Meetings. This is why we seek Core Team members who are Compelled, Committed, Contagious and Courageous.

Compelled: We have prayed, and God is compelling us to help launch Vertical Church.
Committed: We are committing our time, energy, and finances to launch Vertical Church.
Contagious: We will be contagious by telling others about Vertical Church.
Courageous: We will serve with joy and humility, sacrificing our level of comfort in order to bless others. 

The resources of the church plant will come through the Core Team. As Core Team members give of their time, treasure, and talent generously, faithfully, sacrificially, and joyfully, God will provide the resources necessary to plant the church.


To be part of the Core Team is to begin one of the greatest adventures of your lives—one filled with hard work, much prayer,  and amazement. In order to be part of the Core Team, you should be interested in hands-on participation with a mindset to build and the attitude of a humble servant. Many will tell you that there is nothing more joyful and nothing more rewarding than planting a church. This is going to be a front row seat to the work of an amazing God.

If you would like more information about joining the Core Team, contact us here.

We look forward to meeting with you!